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The MV Arctic seal is a supply boat that has been adapted for use as a factory processing fishing vessel.  In the mid 1990s, it had a major hull rebuild including new bottom plate and framing from the aft engine room to the fore peak and also some side plating and framing.  An additional closed deck was added to house a refrigeration engine room, fish holding tanks, and fish processing and freezing space (see shelter deck layout.)  The boat has been taken out of fishing and the refrigeration and fish processing equipment has been removed.  This makes additional space available for workshop, accommodations, decompression chamber, etc.  The top deck measures 85 feet open deck space from the deck house to the top of the aft ramps.  There is a hydraulic system on board that powered the trawl winches which is more than adequate to power a four point anchor system that is planned to be installed on the boat.


Brief Spec Sheet


Length         165 feet

Beam           38 feet

Depth          12 feet

Draft            10 feet


Fuel capacity          28,000 gallons

Water capacity       30,000 gallons


Engines:       Main Propulsion

                        2 caterpillar D398 of 850 horsepower


                       Cat 3304T 99 kilowatts

                       Cat 3412T 400 kilowatts


                       Cat 3406TA 425 horsepower


Propeller shafts:      6 inch stainless steel with 7 inch sleeves


Propeller                66 inch bronze


Accommodations:  22 persons

                                     One single berth in suite

                                     One double berth in suite

                                     One single berth

                                      9 double berths


Bathrooms:   3 bathrooms with showers


Galley:  Galley is roomy with a large electric stove with 6 burners, 2 ovens, and a large grill area.  There are numerous dry storage cabinets and walk in storage area.  There is a walk in fridge/freezer. Seats approximately 10 people at the galley table and an additional 10-12 in the adjoining mess hall/lounge.  Accommodations and galley recently renovated.


Work completed since June 1 2006


Dray docked at Thames Shipyard, New London, CT. in June and July 2006.  Full underwater and external above water service and paint, including prep and application of international 264 two part epoxy primer, international 5 year antifouling paint below the waterline, and international top coat above the water line.  Two new echo sounders installed, all sea chests and sea chest valves were disassembled and inspected and repaired as required.  The propellers, shafts, shaft bearings, and rudder shafts and bearings were inspected and found to be in good condition.  Audio gauge readings were taken and the hull was found to be in excellent condition.  New zinc anodes installed.


After dry dock the vessel has been berthed at the New London State Pier where I have continued with a general overhaul including renovating accommodations, inspection and repair of the electrical and plumbing systems of the hotel area.  On deck work includes pressure washing, priming, painting of decks house, bridge, rails, deck, and deck machinery.  The fore peak holds, engine room, steering room, and enclosed deck area are currently being cleaned and painted.


In the engine room the engines and systems are being services and repaired including main engines, generators, bilge pumps, etc.  Main engines and generators are presently running.


Electronics:  There are no electronics on the vessel.  A new set of navigation electronics will be installed including radars, radios, echo sounders, GPS plotter-navigator, etc.


Safety equipment:  All necessary safety equipment to comply with USCG standards will be fitted.


Modification Possibilities:


At this time there is flexibility to make alterations to meet customer requirements such as putting in additional cabins and bathrooms in the former processing area, using the freezer hold for storage, etc.  The freezer hold is 60 feet by 22 feet and 9 feet deep, serviced by a 6X6 foot hatch.  Other alterations can be effected such as adding a dive platform, etc.  In addition, a boat of less than 9 foot beam can be hauled up the stern ramp.


I invite inspection of the M/V Arctic Seal in New London, CT, at any time.  Thank you for your inquiry.



M/V Artic Seal

The M/V Artic Seal is presently having a general overhaul. It was dry docked at the Thames River Shipyard in New London, Conn. in June/July 2006. It had a full hull cleaning, primary coat and top coat of paint applied. It had a full underwater service including fitting two new echo sounder transducers, service all sea chests and valves, fit new zincs, inspect propellers and propeller shaft bearings, and inspection of rudders and rudder shaft bearings.

Presently, we are working on an on board overhaul of machinery, accommodation ect.

I plan to install a four point anchoring system. Presently, there are two large trawl winches on the vessel and I intend to fit two more to complete a four winch system. The hydraulic power pack on the boat is powered by a 425 hip. Caterpillar that is adequate to run all four winches. I will also be fitting a larger crane on the boat.

I am outfitting the boat to target research and diving. I welcome all inquires for research and diving or for other work. 

Call me at 978-767-3489 or Email

James Sheehy

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